75 Ball Bingo

75 ball bingo is likely the form of bingo that you have played before, if you have played any bingo whatsoever. It is the most common form of bingo played online for the simple reason that it is the most common form of bingo played in North America and most online websites tend to take their cues from the brick and mortar North American market when deciding which games to feature on their website. The highlights of the 75 ball bingo genre are simply the fact that there are five categories (B-I-N-G-O), each of which has 15 numbers assigned within its category. This means that you are going to have 1/3 of each category within your card when you play it and that means a number of differences result from its main competitor in the world market, 90 ball bingo.

Games are faster: Because there are three less numbers per category to worry about, it means that there are 15 less possibilities overall for balls that could be called out. When the bingo cards remain the same but the number of choices get smaller, the net outcome is that each game is going to be faster because of the fact that there will on average be less balls called out before the final bingo winner is announced. This is important for people that are action junkies because it means that there will be more games for them to play over the same amount of time, although people that tend to want to be deliberative and have one buy in last them a longer time will not appreciate 75 ball bingo as much as they might appreciate 90 ball bingo.

More prizes worth less: because each of the games are faster and because of the fact that the odds are frequently better to win in the average 75 ball bingo over the average 90 ball bingo, there are two ways in which prizes are affected. The faster games mean that more prizes get awarded, but the higher odds of winning also will mean that the prizes are usually worth less than they would be in an average 90 ball bingo game. If the lower prize values don’t matter to you or are eclipsed by the fact that more prizes overall are handed out (making your chances of winning one higher), then 75 ball bingo is certainly the game for you.