90 Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingo is a style of Bingo that you might not be familiar with for the simple reason that it is the preferred style of bingo within the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth (minus Canada) as opposed to 75 ball bingo which is the dominant form of the game within North America. Is there any big difference between 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo? Well, there are some differences and a few of them are discussed below.

Slower Game: The bingo cards do not change appreciably from the 75 ball version of the game to the 90 ball version of the game and when you have a larger amount of balls to choose from with the same amount of spaces on your card to fill out, then chances are that overall this is going to make for a slower speed of game play. Depending on the kind of person that you are, this can either be a good thing or a bad thing. It can be a good thing if you are looking for a long and slow game of bingo, but it can be a bad thing if you are in a hurry or alternatively happen to be an action junkie.

Larger Prizes: Another difference between the 90 ball bingo style and the 75 ball bingo style is that the larger prizes actually are usually reserved and handed out in 90 ball bingo games. This is because the odds of winning are lower and therefore in order to make up for that the prizes are larger. Once again, depending on who you are as a bingo player this can be either good or bad. If you are a big fan of getting in cheap and striking it really big, then the 90 ball bingo is for you. If you would however like to win smaller prizes more often, then the 75 ball bingo is where you want to be.

These are just two examples of differences between 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo and they serve to illustrate the larger themes of these two bingo games. 75 ball bingo is for instant gratification and 90 ball bingo is for the players that like to spend more time at bingo and have a great time meeting other people online as they play. Depending on the kind of player that you are, 90 ball bingo will either be more appealing to you than 75 ball bingo or less appealing.