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It’s an easy game to play and all you have to do is guess whether the next number will be higher or lower than the previous number. The numbers are displayed on a spinning wheel and no number will come out two times in a row.

Every time you guess correctly you will advance around a board and when you reach certain levels without incorrectly guessing you will be given the option of collecting an amount that is either:

Reaching Stage one x2.5 your stake
Reaching Stage two x3 your stake
Reaching Stage three x3.5 your stake
Reaching Stage four x4 your stake

You have to correctly guess six times in a row to reach the next level but should you guess incorrectly you will lose one life, guess incorrectly for a second time and the game ends. However should you lose a life but then go onto reach the next stage your life will be returned. Should you reach the next stage but have lost a life you cannot win the payouts above.

There are also bonus stops on the wheel and these include:

Remove Strike – this removes your strike, if you have one
Advance One Step – You get a free step along the board and then must guess higher or lower based on the previous number
Advance One Level – you advance to the end of the level for free.

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