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Bingo sites offer bigger prizes than ever!

At, over the course of May, bingo players competed hard to see who would take home a sweet grand prize: a 9-day cruise for two in the Caribbean, with all top-of-the-line perks included. The fight was fierce, but Nebesna was their mighty victor! She won the trip of her life in the Dream Summer Cruise event. The player’s reaction is worth being shared: “I’ve been happy for the past two days, I’ve been dancing around, looking forward to hear some Caribbean music.”... 

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December treats at

Special December delights await your at! Make sure you log into your account throughout this December and participate into the following events: The Winter Wonderland Tournament will take place between December 16th and December 22nd and will give players a chance to have great winter fun!  They will also feature the Wild Safari Tournament during the same timeframe, but this time they offer prizes of up to $2,500 CASH, so that is definitely not something to miss out on, go wild on... 

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November tournaments at Vic’s Bingo

Vic’s Bingo has proven over the years to be an excellent online gaming client oriented platform with an amazing prize selection! This November they have prepared more exciting promotions with great prizes for loyal players! Between November 4th and November 10th, from 6 PM to 7 PM EST they will be featuring the special Bingo Triathlon where players are invited to give their best Free slots shot at winning the great prizes in store: an 18 K Yellow Gold Earrings, a Yellow Gold plated Sterling... 

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Start shopping at Bingo Hall!

Enjoy a classy bingo shop: near to 500 products, a great VIP plan and exclusive shopping sessions! takes proud in announcing the launch of an online source of bingo merchandizing, and invites you to take advantage from their new and improved VIP program that entitles you to purchase products. Enter this exclusive environment and rejoice the great opportunity to buy the most amazing products online. The shop is visible for all users, even though only those that are minimum Platinum level... 

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Online Bingo Advantages

Gone are the days when people only found time to go to a traditional bingo hall to play bingo, because in this day of the Internet online bingo has overtaken the traditional bingo halls and is attracting many more bingo players who find playing online to be more convenient and thrilling as well. Of course, there is no atmosphere and you are not going to be able to play with people physically present. However, the main advantage of playing online bingo is the comfort and convenience it offers to... 

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Proven Bingo Strategies

Proven Bingo Strategies: Granville Theory Bingo is a game of luck and chance. But, with some intelligent thinking, still one could sway the odds in his/her favor. The present article discuss about a bingo strategy propounded by the famous mathematician named Joseph E. Granville, who is also credited with the successful development of a series of practical strategies for stock market analysis. Granville, after extensive analysis of bingo game patterns, has reached the conclusion that every bingo game... 

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Tips and Tricks

Bingo – Tips and Tricks Bingo can be played in a number of different ways and how you approach each game of Bingo will ultimately affect the final result in case you happen to win at Bingo. The trick is to be able to catch the proper card which will help you win a prize. One of the simplest and most effective Bingo tips and tricks is to look for Bingo cards that contain your favorite numbers including those numbers you consider as being lucky for you and even which contain numbers representing... 

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Selecting the Right Cards

Selecting the Right Bingo Cards Many people would not think that there is a whole lot of strategy to the selection of bingo cards and the interesting thing about that is that you are still somewhat correct. The actual strategy that is involved when you are selecting bingo cards is very minimal, but at the same time if you use a cohesive strategy in card selection you are guaranteed to do better one way or another over a person that has used no strategy whatsoever in selecting their cards and as a... 

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What is online bingo

Until the last decade, bingo was played only in large bingo halls. In other words, it was sort of a club game and not something you could play by sitting back at home. But, everything had changed with the arrival of internet. Like many aspects of our daily life – such as shopping or mails – bingo also took on an online avatar. In other words, post web-revolution, thousands of online bingo websites have sprung up, drawing in bingo enthusiasts from all over the world. Another advantage with playing... 

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