Selecting the Right Cards

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Selecting the Right Bingo Cards

Many people would not think that there is a whole lot of strategy to the selection of bingo cards and the interesting thing about that is that you are still somewhat correct. The actual strategy that is involved when you are selecting bingo cards is very minimal, but at the same time if you use a cohesive strategy in card selection you are guaranteed to do better one way or another over a person that has used no strategy whatsoever in selecting their cards and as a result has ended up with a number of different cards on their palette. There are two primary schools of thought when it comes to card selection and two major strategies that stem from those thought processes.

Coverage Strategy: The coverage strategy is the more conservative of the two approaches and indeed is the approach you will see taken by most people that are interested in applying any kind of strategy to begin with. The idea behind the coverage strategy is that you try to pick cards with as different numbers as possible. This is because if you happen to have the same number on a bunch of cards and that number does not win, then you are likely to mess with a large percentage of your cards rather than with just one or two. Therefore, people playing the coverage strategy want to have their cards cover the full range of numbers, playing the percentages in the hope that as more and more numbers get called, their chances of winning shoot up dramatically over someone with a set of random bingo cards.

Concentration Strategy: The concentration strategy is the exact opposite of the coverage strategy. In the concentration strategy, instead of actually trying to pick as many different numbers as possible, you try to pick as few numbers as possible. Therefore, you are concentrating your cards in on the numbers that you want to have. This basically means that you are less likely to win than a person with a coverage strategy, but if you get lucky and win before them, you are going to win gigantic because of the fact that so many of your numbers are present on multiple cards. This is playing luck and hunches more than percentages, but if your timing is on and your string of luck is good, it could be a very profitable strategy for you in the short term.