Block Party

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If you are in a chat game called Block Party all you need to do is pick a corner, whichever one you choose is upto you the choices are obvious either the top left, bottom left, top right or the bottom right. You will need to tell the CM which one you have chosen.

As the game progresses if all your four numbers in your chosen square block are called you need to shout in chat “Block Party”.

There are three prizes given to Block Party winners and these are (in order) First winner get $1BB the second winner gets 60bbs and the Third gets 30bbs.

Our feedback on Block Party:

We have seen more exciting bingo games but overall it ain’t too bad

Enjoyability rating of Block Party:

We give Block Party a 5 out of 10 on our enjoyability rating scale, it’s easy to play and win but not that exciting a game!

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