Charles and Camilla

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This is a funny little game whereby good old Prince Charles and his other half Camilla are having an argument over allowing Prince Harry go out on a date.

All players in the game then have to help settle the argument. You will then be divided up as follows:

Charles’s Team B ( row 1 -18 ) and Camilla’s Team O (rows 73 – 90 ) as soon as they have a line winner they will count up which team have drawn the most numbers and that team wins, it’s as simple as that

If players in Charles’s team win and they all shout out “Yes he can” all members will be awarded 30bbs, If however Camilla’s team wins then collectively shout “No he can’t” they will
be awarded the 30bbs. At the end of the hour the team who have the most bbs points and therefore settles the argument will be given $2bbs each

You do have to play for a minimum of half an hour to qualify for the bonus should your team win. Any new players joining will be divided between the teams alternately.

Feedback on Charles and Camilla:
This game is an absolute scream as you are willing everyone on your team to win ( instead of yourself for once!) You will probably not care if Prince Harry goes out or not, and knowing him he will go out anyway lol!

Enjoyability rating of Charles and Camilla:

We give Charles and Camilla a 9 out of 10 on our enjoyability rating scale, it does build a great team spirit will you and your team members.

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