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Now pay attention the rules may sound ultra complicated but they are really easy to master. First pick a number from 1 to 15, this is now your number for the entire bingo session ( Hopscotch Bingo is a 2 hour session )

The first game is B N O, and this means you will have to see your B number called along with the N and O directly across from it, when it is you need to shout out in chat BNO Bingo.

The second game is I and G Bingo, you need to use you B number then look out for the I and G numbers to be called in that row, when they appear shout out in chat I and G Bingo.

These two games alternate for the session and the prizes are: The first to shout wins $3BBs the second to shout wins $2BBs and the third to shout wins $1BB, therefore there is only three winners allowed per game.

Our feedback on Hopscotch Bingo:
Once you start playing you will wish you had found this game earlier, its fabulous

“Enjoyability” rating of Hopscotch Bingo:
We give Hopscotch Bingo a 9 out of 10 on our “enjoyability” rating scale, one of the best games available in chat pure brilliance.

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Game Schedule and Price
Daily Time 10PM – Midnight Game Hopscotch Bingo Card Price Quarters More Bingo Chat Games
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