Mirror Mirror

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This is another simple to understand game and involves you choosing any number that is also mirrored, an example being 24 as mirrored its 42 or 71 as that mirrored is 17 etc

The game is easy to win and play, you just need to wait until both these numbers are called out during the game and you are a winner. Once they have been called out you will need to type “Mirror Mirror” into chat along with the two numbers you have chosen as your mirrored numbers.

There as usual is three levels of prizes and these are as follows: The first valid winner gets $1BB, the second receives 60bbs and the third person to claim gets 30bbs.

Our feedback on Mirror Mirror:
Loads of fun, and it does make you think as choosing mirrored numbers ain’t that easy – or maybe it is!

Enjoyability rating of Flip Flop:
We give Mirror Mirror a 6 out of 10 on our enjoyability rating scale, it’s an average kind of bingo chat game.

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