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It’s fun all the way each and every monday and you are spoilt for choice when it comes to bingo specials, lets see who is offering what.

Mondays at Bingo For Money:
Our friends over at Bingo For Money will not only give you $5 just for signing up as a new player, but on Mondays they have their special jackpots every hour between 6pm and 2am. The following game patterns will have a starting jackpot of $15 and an extra 15%: Movie Projector, Popcorn, Chair and The Blob.Plus on Mondays if all players agree they will play non stop progressive games (not including the regular coverall and tournament games)

Bingo For Money

Mondays at Vics’ Bingo:
You’re going to get many chances to win on each card over at Vics’ Bingo on a Monday as between 6pm and 12am they will be playing non stop 3 part games. The first part is the progressive jackpot, part two is the popular high payout game and part three has a guaranteed jackpot of $25Visit Vics’ Bingo

Mondays at Bingo Mania:
It’s action all the way at Bingo Mania and with their multi priced chat games starting at 5c upto $5 you will find a game you love, and at stakes you are comfortable with, checkout Mondays Chat Schedule below for more details.

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Mondays 50c Chat GamesMondays $1 Chat GamesMondays $5 Chat Games

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