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You’re going to love this chat game, it takes a short while to get to understand the rules but once you have got the hang of them you are away.

The cards used all have letters depicting them ie B I N G and O.

After the game of bingo finishes they look at the last five numbers drawn, if the winner or winners of the game have any of the following poker hands using only the last five numbers drawn they will receive the bonus payouts below

Bonus Payouts:

1 Pair pays $1 – 2 Pair pays $2 – 3 of a Kind pays $3 – Straight (any 5 balls spelling the word BINGO) pays $4 – Flush (all balls ending in same number) $5 – Full House pays $6 – 4 of a Kind pays $7 – Straight Flush (balls spell BINGO Left to Right) pays $8 – 5 of a Kind pays $9 – Royal Straight Flush (Balls Spell BINGO Left to Right & end in same #) pays $10.00

The Nabors who are above and below the winner also get $1 each

Our feedback on Poker Bingo:
This game is brilliant, and once you have played it you will without doubt want to play it again and again.

“Enjoyability” rating of Poker Bingo:
We give Poker Bingo a 10 out of 10 on our “enjoyability” rating scale, it’s one of the best chat games around by far.

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Game Schedule and Price
Daily Time 4AM – 5AM Game Poker with Buds Card Price Nickels

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