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Sunday at Vics’ Bingo:

Loads on offer over at Vics’ Bingo each Sunday and we will start by telling you all about their “Sunday Payout Pots”. This is when they start with a guaranteed $18 then add 15% bonus add-ons. This all happens between 6pm and 12am, so log in and watch that money rise and rise.

They also have their “Sports Sundays” and you could land one of their ever popular random jackpots that pay from $15 upto and including $50, these are played on their sports themed pattern games that are: Volleyball, Hockey End Zone and Baseball

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Sundays at Bingo For Money:
What better day to go on a shopping spree, and with their “Shopping Spree Sunday” promotion getting under way between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m. you could win a bundle of money to make it a reality. Just look out for the game pattern; Check, Dollar Sign and Cent as each one has a guaranteed Jackpot of $100, what an excellent way to build up your next shopping spree budget!

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Sundays at Bingo Mania:
With the weekend coming to a close there is no need to feel down-hearted as Bingo Mania ensures you have all the very best bingo chat games you could ever need to make your Sunday a day full of bingo fun:

Sundays 5c Chat GamesSundays 10c Chat Games
Sundays 25c Chat GamesSundays 50c Chat Games
Sundays $1 Chat GamesSundays $5 Chat Games

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